install b2evolution

Install b2evolution

How to Install b2evolution using SimpleScripts

  1. You'll need a Hosting Account. See our Recommended Hosts or try it on your own hosting.
  2. Enter your FTP Information into SimpleScripts and select where you would like b2evolution installed.
  3. That's it! Sit back and watch while we install b2evolution to your website in seconds.
b2evolution is a powerful blog tool you can install on your own website.

It includes all the features of traditional blog tools, and extends them with evolved features such as file & photo management, advanced skinning, multiple blogs support as well as detailed user permissions... Not to mention third party plug-ins!

Plus, it's free, open-source (GPL), it runs on virtually any webserver featuring PHP+MySQL and it's available in many languages!

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Current Version

4.1.7 Stable - 29 April 2013

Older Available Versions

4.1.6 Stable - 15 April 2013
4.1.5b Stable - 4 August 2012
4.1.4 Stable - 18 April 2012
4.1.3 Stable - 5 March 2012
4.1.2 Stable - 8 November 2011

License Information

b2evolution is released under the GPLv2 license.

Bug Reports and Known Issues

We're doing our best to make sure b2evolution installs smoothly, but problems can occur. If you find something out of the ordinary and you can tell us how you got there, we'll be happy to take a look.

Current Issues

There are no known issues for b2evolution at this time.