Developers: Become a Simple Script

Information on getting included in the SimpleScripts system.

SimpleScripts is a Delivery Network

At the core, SimpleScripts is a delivery network. Hundreds of thousands of people use SimpleScripts to build a new website, add functionality to an existing website, and keep their websites secure. With all that pressure, how do we determine what to offer?

Mature Development Cycle

Any script that we include must be actively maintained by a group of developers. It must be well documented. It must have a "security release" RSS feed or mailing list. It must allow for easy (unattended) database upgrades. See our Script Packaging article for more information. While we do offer beta versions of some scripts, there must be at least one good solid stable version for clients to use if they're not comfortable beta testing.

Mature User Base

Your script must be actively supported by your user base. This means having self-contained support forums with helpful moderators and an easy way for new users to find needed information and get involved. More weight is added to a script if outside users request your script. This can be done through our Feedback link above or our Contact Us page.


SimpleScripts stands apart from other auto-installers in many ways, but primarily this: We believe that by providing free installations to both web hosts and end users, SimpleScripts can pass the benefits of a very large user base on to application developers. If your user base increases exponentially, so does your ability to cover expenses. We are major proponents for marketing research, and will gladly share our observations and ideas with you should you so desire. Advertising opportunties are available for commercial (paid or encoded) scripts.