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SimpleScripts should be your number one priority.

What is SimpleScripts, and why is it important?

SimpleScripts is the one-click installer of choice for many of the web's top hosting companies.
  • Millions of installations and upgrades have been performed on thousandsof web hosts
  • 70+ Top Web Applications
  • Under 24 hour Script Update Response Time
  • SimpleScripts is a hosted solution; no maintenence, and no resource hogging.
SimpleScripts is directly responsible for improving signup numbers, lowering client turnover, and decreasing support requirements in nearly every webhost that has integrated our services.

What is the Cost?

SimpleScripts is free. No licensing costs, no setup fees, and no maintenence fee.
The bills are paid by our premium partners who add enterprise-level services and support to our script list. Many of these partners also provide revenue sharing opportunities for you, the host.
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What Control Panels are Supported?

SimpleScripts supports cPanel, Plesk, Interworx, and ISPsystem right out of the box.
Custom panels can be integrated easily as well for a minimal fee.

What kind of Branding is available?

SimpleScripts is fully customizable. Use your logo, your color scheme, and your email templates. We'll include a tiny "Powered by SimpleScripts" at the bottom of each page.

What about Custom Packages?

SimpleScripts currently supports over 70 applications, and we add new scripts on a regular basis. If you need a script that we don't offer, we'll quickly add it to the library for a small fee.

How long does Integration take?

Most of the systems we support have an RPM based installation with a quick-configuration module added to the panel. Start to finish integration should take only a few minutes.
Custom panels may take a little longer to integrate, depending on the resources you have available for integrating our APIs.
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