Testimonials from SimpleScripts Clients

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"This was an easy set up even for this non tech person. Thanks"
-Thomas, 26 August 2010
"faster than ever"
-Kurnia, 15 August 2010
"Simple Scripts and My Hosts are just Great. Simple Scripts are very easilly automated and I do absolutely nothing to help - One click install and that's it - nothing else needed. Great Job You Guys! (and Girls)."
-John, 08 August 2010
"I love simplescript feature on Bluehost. One thumb up for Bluehost."
-Hai, 07 August 2010
"Thanks for the support in the complete installation."
-Earl, 07 August 2010
"Frickin awesome for a no-nothing like me."
-JB, 19 July 2010
"Once again... Simple Scripts is the best! Thank you for the perfect Joomla updates and the version monitoring!!!"
-Cliff, 18 July 2010
"easy to use, good job ; ) "
-Sompon, 10 July 2010
"You guys/gals effin rule!"
-Jeff, 02 July 2010
"Simple Scripts makes installing scripts simple. The best features by far is being able to update ALL my wordpress installations at the same time. WOW!!! Simple Scripts Rocks!"
-Anon, 24 June 2010
"New to drupal. I was having a beast of a time trying to update the core from 6.14 to 6.17(figured out how to update modules). THANK YOU for doing whatever the hell you guys did via hostmonster (mysite host) that told me there was an update available and it became a 2-click operation to do the update. /bow /grovel"
-Shawn, 23 June 2010
"Simple scripts is really useful, so I've switched over to that to use for my wordpress install."
-Malthe, 20 June 2010
"I'm an "end user" and I can say that the time simple scripts saves with all my wp upgrades...well you all rock!!! Your tool is a real game changer."
-Susie, 18 June 2010
"I just received an email about Wordpress going to 3.0. I logged in to my account, and low and behold, there was a notice about the upgrade as soon I got to the Cpanel! Thank you for being ontop if the release schedule!"
-Brian, 17 June 2010
"Thanks for helping us start our blog site, your platform is definitely user-friendly and filled with useful information. Can't wait to get started."
-Raymond, 03 June 2010
"I use Joomla for multiple domains. With Joomla's frequent security updates, it used to be an extremely time-consuming ordeal to upgrade to the most current secure version. You have made the process SO SIMPLE, that your expertise has completely changed the way I view the previously arduous update process. It used to take weeks to get the upgrade from my former service. However, using SimpleScripts, the last time I updated, you actually informed me on the BlueHost site prior to the official Joomla security email correspondence! Add to that the fact that I've never experienced an error when updating through SimpleScripts. Amazing. Thank you very much for what you do so exceptionally."
-Hal, 29 May 2010
"I freakin' love you guys/gals. you've made my life so much easier. HOWEVER, i find that you guys could have a helluva lot more CMS in simple scripts. i mean...the list has got the necessary ones, yes. but i'm constantly finding little gems during my internet geek time, and think to myself "simple scripts should grab this one"... You have an unbelievably special service. keep it up."
-Jeff, 20 May 2010
"AWESOME as always!"
-Cliff, 18 May 2010
"You guys rock - you make things very simple. You are like the Mac of web hosts."
-Scot, 07 May 2010
"Just one word....OUTSTANDING!!"
-Don, 05 May 2010
"Just installed Wordpress 2.9.2 - So Simple!! Just starting out so a lot of this is new to me. Thank you it was much easier than anything I have previously done with Wordpress"
-Ian, 27 April 2010
"I want to say that I've been a web site "builder" for about a week and if your staff were not so helpful I would never consider thinking about "making it better" Thank you for great staff!"
-Scott, 27 April 2010
"SIMPLESCRIPTS does it again! Updating 6 sites in under 30 seconds.... All flawlwssly. Well DONE!!!"
-Cliff, 25 April 2010
"I switched from Network Solutions to Bluehost as a result of my problems using Wordpress with them. I had been running a "from scratch" website I designed for a time and things were fine. All that changed when I decided to install two installs of Wordpress on my account. What a nightmare. Setting up Wordpress was a dream on my Bluehost account. It couldn't have been any easier to assign the associated domain name to the install and have it done and have a sub-domain and directory setup that makes sense almost instantly. Kudos for the great work. I'm so glad I dumped Network Solutions and came over to Bluehost. "
-Sean, 12 April 2010
"Really effortless installs/upgrades/removals. I can test and use any of these with great confidence no matter what."
-Vaughan, 10 April 2010
"I just spent over an hour battling my server over an installation of Vtiger CRM on a shared Hostgator server, and I was about to give up in despair. SimpleScripts accomplished in about 6 seconds what I spent all that time failing to do. Right now I'm going to go tell everyone I know how awesome you guys are. I can't thank you enough, seriously. "
-Karen, 02 April 2010
"I love your service, it is great and very very efficient with saving time"
-Brian, 26 March 2010
"Wasn't sure about your service,but you are awesome. Going to be extending my relationship with you. Thanks"
-Tim, 23 March 2010
"You guys are great for offering it to hosting companies and in turn us for "free". kudos."
-Jeff, 16 March 2010
"It took me a little while to adjust from GoDaddy to BlueHost. But now that I'm getting familiar with BlueHost, I like it a LOT better than GoDaddy. Simple Scripts and C-Panel are absolutely great! Just thought you should hear from customers when they're happy (not just when they're upset)."
-Kelly, 12 March 2010
"Thanks for getting my first blog up on the web beautifully."
-Mei, 11 March 2010
"Awesome as usual! Never a problem. How DO you do it! : ) "
-Cliff, 01 March 2010
"The SimpleScripts application is the perfect way to manage third-party, application installations and upgrades. It is simple to use and helps me keep up with applications that need to be upgraded which is something I sometimes forget to do. Thank you for a great tool!"
-Gary, 28 February 2010
"Great effort. Thanks to Simple Scripts. It Help us a lot"
-Fazal, 17 February 2010
"The multiple site WP update using Simple Scripts worked perfectly - thank you for providing us with such a great tool!"
-Liss, 01 February 2010
"Very nice upgrade process."
-Andy, 24 January 2010
"Hi guys, I love your truly "simple" interface and ability to install things :)"
-Creator, 19 January 2010
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The best, cleanest, fastest. "
-Cliff, 17 January 2010
"Your service is great and it makes installing things like drupal and wordpress infinately easier. Keep up the good work!"
-Hamel, 17 January 2010
"Your service is awesome!"
-Pamela, 09 January 2010
"Upgraded my Wordpress blog via simplescripts. As usual a truly painless process. Thanks for sorting it all out. "
-Sam, 22 December 2009
"First use of your site and services was a minute ago installing Vtiger on a Hostgator account. Just wanted to thanks and that I'm still a bit in awe. Installed in less than 90seconds! Why didn't I hear about Simple Scripts sooner? I would have an additional year I'd bet of time spent enjoying the finer things versus ruining my vision stuck behind a lcd. Awesome tool, and worth every bit of 15 bucks a year if you install more than 3 of your listed apps just once each."
-Randy, 01 December 2009
"Just telling you that you are making great job, simple scripts really rocks! "
-Canip, 22 November 2009
"Just to thank you for the excellent service!"
-Isa, 17 November 2009
"Quick installation. very handy!"
-Prashant, 16 November 2009
"Hey guys, I just wanted to say thank you for hosting a kickass service that has saved me countless hours and (I'm sure) a lot of frustration. You rock!"
-Dylan, 07 November 2009
"Thanks a million! The name Simple Scripts really lives up to its name! I tried at least 3 times to install it myself. No joy. Then Simple Scripts came to the rescue. It could not have been easier! Thanks again!"
-Paul, 02 November 2009
"Super easy! Loved that."
-Karen, 02 November 2009
"I've used 3 of your scripts, Gallery, phpList and Zenphoto. All great, thank you!"
-Malin, 24 October 2009
"Simple Scripts is THE BEST!!! Super fast, clean and right on the money! Thanks guys, I appreciate all you do!"
-Cliff, 20 October 2009
"SimpleScripts made it a cinch to build my VOIP Reviews website. Thanks guys, you're awesome!"
-VoipRater.com, 16 August 2009
"SimpleScripts is amazing. Managing my sites has never been easier."
-Major Uptime, 20 January 2012