Count Available Upgrades

Purpose: Get an instant count of available upgrades for a specific user.
Parent API: Client Ops []
Notes: This tool is great for creating security alerts on the fly, such as dialog popups directly on your control panel.

Creative in Action

Feel free to use this graphic as a guideline for your application.


This API can be accessed via a standard GET or POST request.
m"count_upgrades""m" sets the mode of operation for the parent API.
host_keyYour Host KeyYour Host Key is a unique identifier provided by SimpleScripts for tracking purposes. This key is used in all SimpleScripts APIs.
host_api_keyYour Host API KeyYour Host API Key is a special password required to use this and any other SimpleScripts API. Keep this password secure!
uniqueCurrent Unique Account IDThe existing host-wide unique id for the client. Can be the user's username (if unique among ALL of your servers) or an account id, etc.

Return Values

A successful request (not necessarily a successful operation) will return an integer, either 0 or greater than 0. If 0, the results can be ignored. If greater than 0, denotes the number of available upgrades.
0Failed or no upgrades available0 will be given for any error or when there are no available upgrades. If you receive a 0, there is no need for a security update, or the user doesn't exist.
>0Number of available upgradesAny number above 0 indicates the number of available upgrades for the specified user.

Sample Request


$url = "";

$my_request = array(
   "host_key" => "YOUR HOST KEY",
   "host_api_key" => "YOUR HOST API KEY",
   "m" => "count_upgrades",
   "unique" => "UNIQUE CLIENT ID HERE", 

//use CURL or equivalent to get response data 
//returns: 0 or number of available upgrades