SimpleScripts Documentation

Find information on integration and the SimpleScripts APIs here.


Integration Overview
Step-by-step overview of integrating SimpleScripts into your systems.
System Requirements
Find out what SimpleScripts needs to run on your servers.

Integration by Panel

cPanel Integration
Adding SimpleScripts to your cPanel server via RPM.
Plesk Integration
Adding SimpleScripts to your Plesk server via RPM.

Client Experience

Client Logins and FTP Details
Add seamless logins to your control panel, and enable form-less install now buttons.
Database Creation
All about how we create databases and how to tie in your systems.

Host Tools

Rename a Client
Rename an account to save current installation data.
Cancel a Client
Close an account and remove current installation data.
Count Available Upgrades
Get an instant check of how many upgrades are available for a specific user.
Installed Scripts + Upgrade Count (combined)
Get a list of available scripts, the scripts the client has installed, and an upgrade count in one call.


Script Packaging
SimpleScripts uses its own (simplified) packaging standard, which allows for rapid updating.