Finding the Right Script

If you're new to the webhosting and website world, you may be trying to make sense of the different script categories and what's offered. We go over some of the different types of websites here, so you can make a more informed decision about where to begin.

For more information on a particular script, click on the script in the Script List to view it's description.


A blog, or web log, is an application that beautifully handles stories, articles, journal entries, reviews, and just about anything that one or more authors can write individually. Blogs can also handle comments, video and picture display, and some can even handle basic revision control. If you have something to write about, and don't need extensive support for shopping carts, calendars, forums, and other types of functionality, a blog is the place to start. Search engines love blogs as well, specifically for the amount of searchable content that comes out of them.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

The next step up from a blog, Content Management Systems make it easy to handle every little detail. You can build small, medium, or large scale websites using a good content management system, and display any kind of content, from blog entries to video and everything in between. These systems come with support for 'Modules', or 'Extensions' that extend the functionality of your website. Common modules include shopping carts, scheduling systems, forums, and much more. If you are looking to scale your website, using a CMS is a smart choice.

Client Management

More commonly referred to as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), these systems handle customer support and service, marketing automation, inventory management, security management, and more. Think of these scripts as your online office, sans coffee maker.


It is said that over 40% of those who want to start a website do so to make money. While there are many different options out there to bring in the bucks, the most common method is the product-shipped-to-front-door method. This requires some kind of shopping cart and preferrably a payment gateway to take credit cards online. Note that we mentioned those two separately; not only do they have two separate responsibilities, they also require two separate setup procedures. A good shopping cart will have support for many payment gateways, so all that is required of you is to sign up a merchant account and plug in the details.


A wiki is a collaborative website, or one that is edited and maintained by a group of people. The most famous wiki is Wikipedia, a user edited encyclopedia of sorts. Many companies use wikis for their internal documentation, or for group collaboration.