Database Creation

This document defines database creation methods to be used within custom control panels, or any panel SimpleScripts does not currently support.


SimpleScripts is designed to work around many existing panel technologies. As a result of this flexibility, you will need to choose which method will be the most efficient for your existing setup. Either method listed here requires SimpleScripts to setup a "panel type", which will identify the method used by each user. The overhead involved on the SimpleScripts end is 1-2 hours.

Option 1: Remote API Calls (recommended)

In this method, SimpleScripts leverages an API within your systems for listing, creating, and removing databases on demand.

Option 2: Local server environment executable

This method requires SimpleScripts to upload a file to the user's document root which executes a local call (passthru command or api call) to list, create, and remove databases on demand.

Integration Process

  1. Choose one of the integration options listed above.
  2. Create a test account SimpleScripts can use to test and verify operation.
  3. Contact SimpleScripts with test account details, plus details on your API or local executable.
  4. SimpleScripts will create a "panel type" which will identify the method used with your clients.
  5. SimpleScripts will notify you when our end is complete, and testing should commence on your end.

Background on the Install Process

Client API Explanation
When a user begins an installation, SimpleScripts will examine the user's account for compatibility. We will also check for the "panel type", which tells us which method to use for database creation. If automatic database creation is not supported by your panel, SimpleScripts will prompt the user for manual (script specific) database connection information.
During the course of the installation, we'll attempt to call your option and setup the database. If setup fails, we'll alert the user that automatic database creation has failed, and they may want to try installing with a pre-setup database.
During removal of an installation, we'll first drop any tables we installed, then check to make sure the database is empty before removing it.


SimpleScripts is currently set up to handle JSON or serialized() responses, or use a webservice such as SOAP or XMLRPC.

Database Creation

A recommended database prefix (for multiple databases of the same application)
A 12 character random alphanumeric password
Optionally: The user's unique_id/user/password for authentication.

Database Removal

The database name and user.
Optionally: The user's unique_id/user/password for authentication.